Friday, October 12, 2018
John 3:31-36
John the Baptist is making a comparison of himself and Jesus as One coming from above.  He is the only Man that this could be said of.  In the previous verse, John said: He must increase, but I must decrease.  This verse says that He is above all too.  We must be careful when John talks about being and speaking earthy.  We are told to be heavenly throughout the New Testament. We don’t have to be earthbound in our minds. Bodily, I can’t leave the earth, but in my mind and heart, I should.
In verse 33, to receive Christ’s testimony is to certify that God is true. The next verse says to me that there is a measure of the Spirit in me, but that is not true of Christ.  He has all.
Now the last verse says if we believe in Christ, we have everlasting life. Next there is a small change, but important. First to have to believe in the Son to have life; but second, it is not believing the Son. That is rejection. That makes the wrath of God abiding on that person.
Written by Curt Darling

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