10/22/2018 Monday

The Lord Jesus had a way of dealing with someone’s sins, and I believe He still does now if we let Him.  He said to her: Go call your husband, knowing exactly what was wrong in her life. I want Him to do that with me.
The woman recognizes Him as a Prophet. Then once the sins are dealt with, He can go farther. Worship comes up next, not where, as she asks, but how. In Spirit and Truth.
Next, when she mentions Messiah coming, Jesus tells her He is Messiah.  All this tells me she has some semblance of truth, but needs more.
After this she has no thought of what she came to the well for.  She even goes back without her water pot, to tell the men about Jesus.  She says come see a Man who told me all things I did.  Is this Messiah?
Can I use those words, come and see, when I seek to bring people to Christ.  I must tell people where I was and where I am now.

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