​10/26/2018 Friday

I probably am real interested in the healings Jesus did on the Sabbath day and why He did them.  For one thing, Jesus said that He was Lord of the Sabbath Day, Another thing I find is that these laws about the Sabbath were not in Moses aw but they were made by Pharisees, Scribes and Lawyers.  Perhaps it is like the Constitution of the United States. Where for instance is restricting prayer in schools, abortion, or Gay marriage in our original Constitution?
The man who was healed at Bethesda probably didn’t even know of the so called silly law about carrying a bed on the Sabbath day. After all, he had this sickness thirty-eight years.  Who knows how long he lay at the Bethesda Pool.  Now someone comes along with the power to heal him, so why shouldn’t he carry his bedding home?  I want to emphasize that even in Christianity, some come along to make useless rules, not in Biblical doctrine.
Because of this, was another reason the Jews felt Jesus should be killed.  They looked for an opportunity to destroy Him.

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