The sixth chapter begins with the feeding of the 5000 plus women and children which could have been 10,000 people. Then the disciples got into the boat to cross over the sea.  The storm came and Jesus came walking on the water.  I may be wrong but I believe nothing in Jesus earthly life happened by chance.
Now when the people who were fed found that Jesus was not there somehow they got to the other side of the sea.  I don’t know how many crossed the sea probably not the whole bunch.  When Jesus saw them He sort of scolded them.  You don’t want me but the food that I gave you. He then said, “Do not labor for food which perishes.” I want to say something to anyone who makes ministry just a career.  What are you willing to do for the benefits you are given?
Now they asked Jesus what the works are.  He says to believe the One who God sent.  Now whoever reads this are you one who believes in Jesus Christ?  That is the only Salvation.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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