Jesus said things that startled people, like eating his flesh and drinking His blood.  You would probably think, "Who do you think I am Jeffrey Dahmer?"  Some religious people think they are doing that in their rite called Mass.  In a spiritual way Jesus becomes part of me.  He is absorbed into my being.  I should be different if that happens to me.  Notice verse 56 says, "He that eateth my flesh dwelleth in me and I in him."  Try that one on for size when you are with unbelievers and are in the habit of living a careless Christian life.  They will say, " If that is what Christianity is all about I am doing just as good without Him." 
Jesus said that he that eateth Me shall live by Me.  I call this radical Christian thought. It should make a difference in my life.  Next Jesus compares Himself to manna.  He now says He is bread from Heaven.  That bread lasted 40 years but they had to get it every day.  We sing, " I'm  feeding on the living bread and drinking at the fountain head, but only go once a week to listen to the preacher."  How about if I would restrict you to one meal a week?  Would you be healthy?  That is why we have so many unhealthy (spiritually) Christians.  Remember the French queen who said when they had no bread that they could eat cake.  She died for that statement. 

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