Can you imagine Jesus who is God incarnate cannot walk in a certain place because they want to kill Him.  It seems according to Hebrews 10:20 that the only way the people could stand against Him because He was veiled in human flesh.  I believe that the whole life and purpose of God is timed for the whole 33 years of His earthly life.  Then having finished this He ascended to where He was before.  In John 11:9 He calls His whole earthly existence His 12 hour day.
In the rest of these verses we see that His brothers did not understand Him at all.  I am sorry I can’t enlarge on that, but since they were present in the prayer with the Apostles and Mary certain things had to change in their knowledge of who He is.  Then we have two beautiful letters of James and Jude written much later.  I believe it is a matter of knowing and growing which we all must do. 
I have been on that road for 64 years and I certainly know more than I did then.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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