Jews were astonished that Jesus knew so much that He could teach in the temple without formal schooling.  They didn't know what we now know that He was God incarnate.  He knows all about me.
Jesus said, "My doctrine is not mine but His who sent me."  A number of times He speaks of Himself as the sent One. Now Jesus speaks of having a will to do His will.  That person will know the doctrine.  How many persons are completely off about the teaching about Christ? Do you think it is because they don't share His will?  However it could be somewhat about ignorance but we don't have to stay ignorant forever. We do need to grow in His will.  The Jews accused Him of having a devil because Jesus accused them about wanting to kill Him.  This was on their hearts.
The big argument was that Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath Day.  It was the Jews that made this unlawful not Moses.
This section ends with Jesus telling people not to judge by appearance alone, but judge with a righteous judgment.
In our day and age people judge Christians also by laws they make.  I could name some but I am choosing not to here. I am closing this by asking myself, "How is my judging?"

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