It is interesting that the Jews used the words “the Prophet”.  Moses in the wilderness just before the Israelites entered the Land of Canaan said that God was to raise up a Prophet just like them.  So the Jews were looking for One called “the Prophet” who they expected would solve all things for them.  I find it interesting that He was the Prophet also called Christ yet as a nation they hung Him on the cross.  Most are still unbelieving today.
There were a lot of mixed feelings about Jesus in these verses.  For instance they believed Christ was not to come from Galilee, but Bethlehem which they did not know that Jesus did come from Bethlehem. I believe for a purpose God shrouded the fact of Him being born in Bethlehem. They were to believe because of His present signs not past.  Of course I believe in both past prophetic scriptures as well.  Romans 3:20 reveals to us that Christ’s revelation is from both Law and the Prophets.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling


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