Our first two verses in today's passage speak of the land having rest because the LORD did everything He promised.  I don't take that as an issue that God delivered, but Israel did not take everything they could have taken.  Every so often we read in the book of Joshua that some Canaanites were left and not driven out.  This included the five lords of the Philistines who would end up being constant trouble for them even through the reign of David. 

Next we see Joshua calling the Reubenites and the Gadites and the half tribe of Mannaseh (these were only the men of war) to now go back to their inheritance which was land that lay outside the so called land of promise.  They chose that land which I call present convenience.  Their choice can still be seen in the world today.  Their decision was similar to Lot's choice in Genesis 13:10 (when Abram gave him first choice over which land he wanted) .  He looked at the fertile plain of Jordan but overlooked the wicked city of Sodom in that parcel of land.  Now why was this a bad choice?  These men were to see the crossing of Jordan, a big thing in the eyes of the men, but the women and children were to have no part in this.  The men fought in the battles of Canaan which they would have no benefit whatsoever.  Can't you see what present convenience can do?  I am going to continue on one more verse than what is in our passage for today.  There was an altar built to remind the children of the 2 1/2 tribes that remained on the east side of the Jordan River, that they were part of Israel, God's people.  But did this work?  We must look at the rest of the Old Testament to find our answer. 

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