To be justified is to be declared righteous by God.  Some have said it this way: "Justified" - "Just as if I'd never sinned".

1.  The Path of Justification - "by faith" - we do not work for, buy or merit justification.
2.  The Product of Justification - "peace with God" - no longer condemned or under His wrath, alienated from God.
3.  The Price of Justification - "our Lord Jesus Christ" - the blood sacrifice of Jesus is the only payment that is acceptable to God for my sin.

Jesus took the wrath of God that I deserved on the cross so that I could be justified.  When by faith I received Jesus' payment for me and trusted in Him alone as my Savior, God declared me righteous.  If God showed this kind of love toward me when I was His enemy how much more will He love me and pour out His grace toward me as His friend?

Walk with the Lord and in the blessing 

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