God miraculously delivered Israel from Egypt and demonstrated His power and glory as the one true God.

1.  Voyage - The children of Israel (2 million) plus a mixed multitude had to make a decision to leave. God did not transport them they walked according to a decision of their will.
2.  Victory - This captivity and release were prophesied to Abraham.  God demonstrated that those who trust and obey his Word will ultimately be victorious.
3.  Vigilance - In the same way that God had carefully watched over Israel to protect her in Egypt so God challenged Israel to watch over and protect their relationship with Him.

We are on a voyage with God. My journey began with salvation and now continues day by day in sanctification. I am to be in the world but not of the world.  I must make the choice to not be conformed to this world's philosophy, values, practices and goals.  By faith (even when elections don't go right) I must believe God for ultimate victory according to His promises.  While I walk with the Lord I must carefully guard my fellowship with Him just as He carefully guarded the way for my redemption from sin.

Walk with the Lord and choose to leave the world behind!!!

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