As Jesus is responding to one need He is interrupted with another. The woman with the issue of blood had sought all of man's wisdom and ability for a cure but nothing worked.  Now in faith she turned to Jesus.

1.  Faith believes - Malachi 4:2 says that the Messiah would come with "healing in His wings".  "Wings" is a reference to the hem of the high priestly garments. The women believed the promise of God's Word

2.  Faith acts - The women did not just give mental assent to the truth but she obeyed the promise and touched His garment.

3.  Faith receives - Jesus knows our faith and will reward our faith when we believe and obey His word.

Be sensitive to God's timing and to His "interruptions" of the day.  God can do what man cannot!  Live today by believing and obeying God!

Walk with the Lord and live by faith!!!

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