The Pharisees were not guilty of not trying.  What they were guilty of was pride.  There is a story in Luke 18:10-14 which illustrates this perfectly.  The pharisee gave testimony of what he was doing.  Jesus said he prayed with himself.  Those kind of prayers don't reach Heaven.  The tax collector just wanted forgiveness.  Jesus said he went home justified.  It is said that the Pharisees passed over the important things in life.  We can do that too.  They did things for the praise of man and from a wrong heart attitude, but we also can do that as well.  When Jesus pronounced these woes to the Scribes and Pharisees, there was a man listening who was a lawyer.  These were men who knew the law of Moses quite well and told men how they were to live but didn't live that way themselves.  If I am to be an instructor then I must live the way I tell others to live.

These men were very proud of the prophets but they were relatives of the ones who killed them and soon would also seek to put Jesus to death.  Jesus called them hypocrites and that they were.  We must be careful of acts of hypocrisy too.  As was the murderers of the prophets from the time of Abel to the last Zacharias.  These men would be responsible for the greatest act of murderous intention in all history.  I say it this way because Jesus said:  I gave up my life and no one takes it from me.  These men had a true hatred for Christ just like many have a hatred for Christians today.  The world of men hasn't changed at all.

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