Jesus begins this part of His conversation saying, “I have many things to say to you, but you cannot hear them now.” Then He goes on to talk about a person called the Spirit of Truth.
There are doctrines about the Holy Spirit, some I accept and some I don’t accept.  One important thing is the Holy Spirit speaks of and exalts Christ.  To have someone speak of and exalt the Holy Spirit and not Christ is a false doctrine.  Jesus said He (the Holy Spirit) will take what is Mine (Jesus) and show it to you.  When the Holy Spirit came to the Church in Acts 2,  Peter spoke a wonderful message, but it was all about Christ.  This was a true characteristic of the Holy Spirit. Not of Himself but of Christ.  I will say not of myself either.  If I say a lot about myself it will lack being spiritual.  The latter is a tendency to be bragging.
The disciples couldn’t quite figure out what Jesus was telling them.  At the cross the world (ruled by Satan) would rejoice, but you will be sorrowful.  Jesus likened it to a woman in the pain of childbirth.  Their sorrow would eventually be turned to Joy. 
The last verse 22 speaks of not asking Jesus anything anymore.  Now in our time we ask things of the Father in Jesus name.  I find this statement ironic because important men (so they think) don’t want that phrase used if men of other religions are present.  I love using Jesus name at the end of my prayer.  I will not pray publicly without it.  Most of the others will not be going to Heaven anyway. Jesus is all to me.

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