I find it interesting that there are four gospels.  Three are called synoptic and the book of John stands alone naming Jesus as the Son of God.  The other three gospels themes are:  Matthew--Jesus as King (which has yet to be fulfilled); Mark--Jesus, the perfect servant; Luke--Jesus, as the Son of Man.

Notice that Jesus comes preaching about the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  He presented himself when He rode into Jerusalem on the young donkey, was rejected and then hung on a cross.  Since then He is only presented to those who believe the Gospel as we know it.  The word 'repent' means to 'turn around' and believe the gospel. While Jesus was here living on earth he preached the gospel of the kingdom. Now though we recognize Him as coming King, we have the gospel of the grace of God.  This will be the gospel until after the so called Rapture when He calls present day Christians ( including all those who have already died)
up to Heaven.  Then the gospel of the Kingdom will resume.  Next Jesus is going about calling those who will be His companions for the three years of His ministry and to carry on as apostles after His ascension into Heaven.  There He will sit until descending in Revelation (chapter 19) to then be King not only of the Jews, but the whole world.

  In verse 22 people are astonished that He taught with authority, not as the scribes.  That was why He was hated by them. I find it interesting that a man possessed with a demon knew who Jesus was (is).  Jesus told the demon to be quiet, this was not time for demons to speak for Him.  The last thing I will conclude with was the fame of Jesus in Galilee.  Isn't it interesting that in his home town of Nazareth no one appears to take his message seriously, yet a bunch of simple Galilean fishermen recognize him for who he is?  That doesn't seem that much different today.  The rich and famous don't readily recognize Jesus for who he claims to be, but the poor and simple folks recognize their need of a savior and are much quicker to repent of their sin and accept his free gift of salvation. 

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