This is the same lady, Mary, who sat at Jesus feet and gladly heard Him and believed everything she heard.  This is also told about by John in Chapter 12. In that record of John it is right after their brother Lazarus was raised from the dead.  In John we find that it was Judas who first raised the question of waste, but it takes only one voice in a group sometimes.  We are told Judas' motive in the book of John. In verse 10 we find that this is what set Judas off to go to the chief priests as a betrayer.
I now will go back to Mary of Bethany.  In Luke 10:39 as I have already wrote about above she heard Jesus gladly.  Now she gave her final act to anoint His body for the burial.  Surely the words of Jesus are right.  Jesus adds, "She has done what she could." My thought to myself is, "Am I doing what I can?" I know I can't do anything to Jesus personally, but I can proclaim Him on the housetops.  Are you doing anything?

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