ClickHere in these verses Jesus is accused of casting out demons by the prince of devils,Beelzebub.  Jesus answered that it would be ridiculous for Satan to cast out demons for they are part of his kingdom.  We are confronted with the fact there is a whole under-world kingdom in this world. In
2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan is called by Paul "the god of this world". So we see why sin is regining in this world of darkness.
However Jesus does chastize them with these words.  What they were really doing was blaspheming the Holy Spirit and there was no forgiveness for that.  From Jesus baptism the Holy Spirit came and stayed with Him.  Therefore these healings and casting out demons was by the Holy Spirit and not by Himself alone.
Next Jesus said that family ties are not the most important but there is a new order and that is the family of God.  Jesus taught this here and in other places too.

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