When I look at these verses that I am writing about my first thought is who is really in charge in this world.  Isn't it the same God that sent Nebuchadnezzar to Israel at that time?  We are in a year of our presidential election.  Many of us are not really finding that the candidates that  we have would be our best choice. This same God is still in charge.
God told Jeremiah to tell them to build houses and be at peace and their sons and daughters were to marry and reproduce and build up their nation in exile.  I like to think that God through Jeremiah the Prophet gave them a timeline of seventy years.  What interested me is this timeline was the exact existence of the reign of the kings of Babylon.  We find these evidences in Daniel 5 & 9.  That was when Cyrus the Persian, became king and sent the Jews back to build the temple.  Is God really in charge?
When I come back now to our time I am still feeling that God is still the same today.  I don't go with the flow of this evil world.  It could be tough as there is more persecution of Christians today than ever before, but God is still on the throne.

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