In this section Peter moves from discussing meekness in the home (3:1-7) to meekness in the church (3:8-5:14).  Christ is the greatest example of meekness.  Meekness is yielding our rights to God.  The world's philosophy is just the opposite.  Self interest rules our day.  The church should demonstrate a new way of living.

1. In teamwork - If you will walk together in unity you will show Christ.
2. In testimony - If you will share a credible witness you will show Christ.

Our  teamwork and testimony as believers should show the radical change that Christ makes in our lives.  When a lost person encounters the difference it should make an impact.  Do I yield rights in working with others at church?  Is my tongue a blessing or a cursing to my fellow believers? Do I live to get my way or to get revenge? Am I willing to resolve differences and reconcile with other saints? Can I afford to wear a Calvary t-shirt or have a Calvary bumper sticker on my car?

Walk with the Lord and show meekness in the church!!!

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