Peter continues to share how God wants us to "show" Christ through meekness in the church.  Meekness is yielding our rights to God.  Jesus is the greatest example of meekness.

As the Church show meekness:
1.  In teamwork - 3:8-12
2.  In testimony - 3:13-22
3.  In triumph - 4:1-6
4.  In treatment - 4:7-11
5.  In trial - 4:12 -19
6.  In task - 4:20 - 5:4
7.  In trouble - 5:4 - 5:14

This passage gives instruction in showing Christ in treatment.

*In treatment   - If you will walk together in care you will show Christ.  Practical care is shown when I am willing to limit my freedom, when I pray, when I love others, when I share hospitality and when I use my spiritual gift.

Walk with the Lord and show meekness in the Church

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