I am not sure what to call these verses.  To me it is a reminiscent part of a prayer in a kind of revival meeting of the captives who now returned to rebuild Jerusalem.
The jist of this prayer is the confession of the way the nation failed when they came out of Egypt and how much they failed in the wilderness journey. They rebelled in refusing to go into the land. They had a chance and even the golden calf is mentioned. but in this prayer includes another aspect and that is the mercy of God.  Even in the midst of their stubborn rebellion.  There never was a day when there was no manna on the ground to feed them. They were multiplied as a nation until God in anger allowed them to be carried away to Babylon.
Now turning from this prayer I am asking where are we as the people of God today? Are some of the same things happening today? Are some of the same things happening to us? We must examine ourselves and I must look in my own heart to see where I am compared to Israel of that day. 

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