Joshua was a mighty warrior and a true man of complete faith in an almighty God. We first see Joshua’s name in Exodus 32:17.  He was somewhere on the mountain with Moses and had nothing to do with making the golden calf.   Both he and Caleb were the only spies (out of the 10 would came back from spying out the land of Canaan that God wanted to give them) who gave a good report and were confident in God’s ability to help them take the land (Numbers 13:30).  Now here he is a might conqueror but of course only with God doing the work. 
I find an interesting phrase “according to” in many places in the Bible.  Here it is that Joshua took the whole land but it is according to all that the LORD said to Moses.  What I see in these words are that Joshua had to allow God to work the way He wanted it done.  To leave God out would have been a failure. 
What I find in the above passage that applies to me personally is that God wants to do something in and through me.  There is no room in my life to say like the line in Frank Sinatra’s song “I Did It My way.”  To say that would only be to fail.  However, God does not divorce us from our own personality.  Because of my past, I may be better able to go to prisons and jails and even to people on the street.  But I must be careful not to leave God out of my plans or to step out and do things on my own without His Spirit’s leading.  Now the end of this passage tells us that Joshua only kept his portion and divided the land equally to the tribes of Israel.  He was an obedient servant of God.

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