Paul is writing to Philemon about a man named Onesimus who once was a slave to Philemon, but ran away to Rome and got in contact with Paul and was saved.  Paul calls him his son in the faith.  Paul called Timothy that too but there was never any slavery involved.  Now what was Paul to do now that Onesimus was saved?  It was up to Paul to send him back until things were straightened out between them.   Evidently things must have been because in Paul’s letter to the Colossians Onesimus is mentioned as a faithful brother and one of them. I call this Christian growth.  We will either make progress or we will digress depending if we have people to mentor us.  I never get anyone to accept Christ and then leave them to find things for themselves.  If they are prisoners I sometimes have to if they are sent to prison right away.  Paul was a great mentor.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling  

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