I have been impressed by the Apostle Paul's moving words and phrases.  For instance he says in verse 8, I long for you with the affection of Jesus Christ.  Then he wants them to abound more and more in the knowledge and all discernment.  Oh if the church prophet would have this? The church is looked at in the Bible as the army of the Lord but do some do nothing?
Now we approve what is excellent. Perhaps I have been a little pessimistic in the above paragraph.  Paul is asking for sincerity and we must be without offence.
Paul now speaks of his chains as from Acts 21:28 where  he became a prisoner in Rome.
​When writing this He adds Christians are more confident by his chains.  It is not just that he was a prisoner, but how he handled his spiritual life as a prisoner.  Even soldiers who were chained to him were moved by him toward Christ.
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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