I am encouraged by what Paul says of Timothy.  He says, “I have no one likeminded.” This encourages me as I had a dear friend in the church who was a visitation pastor. We became workers together and when he had to quit because of health reasons he asked me to take his position and I am still at it today.  I do believe we could say we were likeminded.  He is long passed into the presence of the Lord.
It makes me a little sad about what Paul says about most seeking their own things and not things of Christ.  This country would be different if that was not the case.
Paul compares the both of them as like a father and son.  Some of that can be seen in Acts 16.
Paul the rest of the chapter talks about Epaphrus. He worked so hard for the Lord that his health failed and he almost lost his life.  He served Paul in prison.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 

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