Paul didn’t feel it tiresome to tell people to rejoice in the Lord.  He didn’t feel that it was too often said.  I feel that way too.
Then he tells them to beware of dogs and then he talks about mutilation concision in the King James Version.  Where do these two verses come together?  Dog packs ran about streets tearing up those who were found alone at night.  Men would come to Gentile Christians telling them they had to be circumcised like Jews in order to be right with the so called God of the Jews.  Paul says Gentiles didn’t have to be subject to this.  He then says we are the circumcision who worship God and have no confidence in the flesh.
Paul says if anyone could boast he could. He was circumcised at the proper time, of a good tribe, a Hebrew of the Hebrews then yet a Pharisee an honorable law keeper. Who could add anything to those credentials but it was all replaced by the cross of Christ.  Those he counted loss for Christ.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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