Jesus had called for preaching that would call men to true repentance.  Herod illustrates someone who did not truly repent.

1.  Rebellion - Herod was very immoral and involved in an incestuous relationship.

2.  Respect - John the Baptist had rebuked Herod and Herod knew that John was right and feared him.

3.  Regret - Herod showed remorse over his foolish vow to kill John but followed through with it anyway.

Rebellion is the opposite of repentance.  Rebellion is going my own way and refusing God's way.  Repentance is turning from my own way to God's way.  Respect and remorse are cheap substitutes for repentance but they are not repentance.  Herod had respect and regret while continuing to go his own way of rebellion.  When confronted with the truth we must repent and turn from our way of sin to God's way of righteousness.

Walk with the Lord and practice true repentance!!!

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