The first thing I have to do here is define in my mind lowly. According to the next verse
it must be opposite of wealthy. In our Gideon prayer meeting this morning we read
Matthew 6. It ends up with seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness etc.  So we hear that in Christ we must adhere to a leveling process that we must go along with.
Then we have a man who is blessed if he endures severe trial.  Reminds me of Job.  Don't you think as I do that the devil sat back and said, "I've been had!" when he sees the end of the story.  The rest of the story for us is do we give in to sin or do we resist to victory.  We should never blame God if we don't come through.  I find that the good things come from God but I have no way sometimes of labeling the good and bad.  I want to finish with the word first-fruits.  Suppose a man has a ripe field of grain.  He takes a handful and takes it to the priest. I want to be the finest first fruit honoring God in all my ways.
This part of Psalm 102 seems to be all future, a time beyond our time.  Our verses begin with the LORD building up Zion and appearing in His glory.  First of all He listens to the prayer of the destitute.  Notice they are well aware of their condition and need.  In verse 18 these words were for a people who were yet to be born.  With that I will say this, when this psalm was written millions have been born and now are gone.  Some to Heaven and others now somewhere else.  What is my status in all this? I have taken the responsibility to warn every person I can that there is a good place and a bad place.  It is you choice.
I want to make one more point.  The writer didn’t want to die in a young age, but the next verse said he recognized God as Sovereign and He can do as He wills.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

I do find interesting in this Psalm that He dwells between the cherubim. That is where the high priest went once a year on the great day of atonement.  It was where the priest put blood between those cherubim onto the mercy seat above the ark.  What seems to be significant to me is that it is as if God in the person of Christ was on that mercy seat and when He shed His own blood that vail of the most holy place was torn in two from top to bottom. There is no further need for them (statures of course) to guard the mercy seat.
There is the phrase, “God answered them” that seems to be connected with being forgiven as well. What may be in a figure in the Psalms is really in the gospels of the New Testament.  That is where we can live if we put our trust in Christ.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

Sing to the LORD a new song.  What about our new song? Do you as a Gentile believe we are really singing a new song which most of Israel refuses to sing? Then we are to proclaim the good news of His salvation and declare His glory among the nations.
We are to take a phrase out of this chapter. It is the beauty of holiness. For a true child of God to live a holy life is a beautiful thing.  I want to live that way and I hope you do to.
In this whole Psalm there is a hint that everyone who reads and hears of it should be living holy lives.  That is God is shown to the people of this world.
Then He is coming as the Judge. He will judge the world with righteousness and the people with His truth.
In John 5:22 Jesus said the Father has given all judgment to the Son. It is Christ who will be the Judge of all things.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

First of all the LORD is clothed with majesty.  Also He is clothed with strength. We have the world established so that it cannot be moved.  I wonder about that statement but it is in the word of God.  Then we have the establishment of His throne from everlasting.  God’s voice is like the noise of many waters.  Then we have the phrase, “holiness adorns your house O LORD forever.”
This Psalm is very sweet and factual but I am taken up with the phrase, “holiness adorns God’s house”. When this was written God’s house was stones.  We know later this house was torn down and now His house is made up of people as living stones and our bodies the temple and Christ as living stones making up the temple.  Are the things we do the adornment of the temple? I am sure there could be more adornment in the temple.  I must ask myself could I do more for the adornment of the temple of God.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

This Psalm begins with LORD you have been our dwelling place in all generations.  I would ask you where you live. If this attitude would have prevailed in Israel they would not have gone into captivity. The second verse said, “Before everything was created you are God.  You turn men to destruction.”  This began when Adam and Eve ate from the tree but from that time God gave the way back to Himself.
Now I find this thousand years as a day or as yesterday.  I find it interesting God’s claim through Paul in Ephesians 1:4 that we are chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.  Then we have thousands of years until eternity in Revelation 22.
In verse 9 we are told that we finish our years like a sigh.  Then our years are seventy and if by reason of strength eighty.  I am not very strong at 83.  Then we are to ask God to teach us to number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom.  Then the last verse says, “Let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us and establish the work of our hands.”
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

This is what I would label a mournful Psalm.  In verse 14 we have the word “why” twice. Why do you cast off my soul?  Why do you hide your face from me? It is labeled a Psalm for the sons of Korah.  I don’t want to elaborate on that.  I think I will label this for someone going through many trials.
In my sixty years of ministry my chief thing was to help hurting people.  I want to tell you about Mrs. Warnes. When we were inviting people to an event we were having in my time in England, what we did was a gospel team effort.  When we saw her our hearts went out to her. She only had one eye that worked.   She lived in one room in a building owned by a man who owned a big mansion.  We went to him to ask if we could install a door with a window in it.  We hired a man to install that new door.  It doubled the light in the room. When she heard the gospel she said it was like clouds rolled away and the light of Christ shown in.  When I took Barbara my wife to be, she gave us a dish for a wedding present which we have to this day.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 

There are two factors in this Psalm. One is that God is responsible to bring the Israelites (called Jacob) back from captivity. This man says they are forgiven and God covered all their sins.  However this could only happen officially when Christ died on the cross.  Only then their sin could be covered by His precious blood.
As we go on through this Psalm we have some interesting phrases.  In verse 5 he doesn’t want God’s anger to be forever.  He wants to hear God speaking peace to all His people.  The psalmist wants God’s glory to dwell in their land.
We have that wonderful phrase people quote a lot, “Mercy and Truth have met together, and Righteous and Peace have kissed each other.”
This Psalmist must have been a very spiritual man when he says, “His footsteps our pathways.” It reminds me of I John 2:6 which says, “He abides in Him aught himself also to walk as He walked.”   Is this my attitude and my purpose?
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

I find interesting things in this Psalm, but I find that I don’t know exactly what is best to write about. First of all we see God as our strength.  If I don’t find this I become weak in the faith and problems would exist in my life that would be very difficult.
In verse 4 God is called God of Jacob.  When I try to do things on my own I become like Jacob, but when I let Him rule my life I am like Israel.
This writer names Joseph as a testimony surely speaking of grace and the presentation of the nation Israel.
We find God speaking through the psalmist as the One who brought them out of Egypt, but then the people going astray in their hearts because they refuse to listen to him. 
Now what do I personally get out of this Psalm? Jesus said, “He that has an ear let him hear.” Do you have a listening ear?
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 
We have a statement in verse 59 that God was furious.  I wonder what now that I am part of the people of God that would make God so angry.  Also what is happening in the church in this day and age?  Do you think He is holding off His anger today?  Even in America today when we look at how it was founded and where we are today.  When I think of songs like “America the Beautiful” and see where we are today, I wonder does anyone really care.
In verse 61 Israel is known as God’s strength.  As that anything they wanted to do that was in His will through Him they could do it.  The problem was they didn’t always want what was right.
I find in verse 65 that God awoke.  By the way He never was asleep.  The whole Psalm is pleasantly sarcastic because it is a song.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling