We can take the froward heart in two ways when it says he finds no good.  My first thought could be a wrong one, but there are people who find no good in anything.  To them all are wrong except themselves.  The other thought is that the imaginations of the heart is one continual evil.  What is in the heart will eventually come out in the tongue or mouth.
If a man is known as a fool, the father and mother has no pleasure in him .  The next is a merry heart is like medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones.  David said in Psalm 32 that his bones seemed to dry up when he did not come to God with his sins.
There are two words known throughout the Bible in both Old & New Testaments.  These are wisdom and understanding.  They seem to go together.  If I am wise I will also seek to understand people.
What does it mean to punish the just?  I will say there is plenty of that in many places in our world today.  I would not like to live as a Christian in much of the world today.
The last thought is that you are thought to be wise when you don't talk so much. Someone who doesn't talk so much is thought by others to be a man of understanding.

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