The most important factor in the life of a godly man is humility.  David asks God not to forget the humble. When I am really presented as something in my own eyes, that is the most dangerous thing in my life.  Self promotion is often seen in our world, but it should not be in a Christian's life. 

The wicked man feels God will never require anything from him.  Some feel that God does not see anything.  The poor man has a much different attitude.  He commits himself wholly to God without making a big show of it.  Next we find the phrase 'the arm of the wicked.'  This doesn't refer to just his physical arm but all the strength that he has even in the material things and power he has.  Who can resist him?  God can break his so called power (strong arm) if necessary.

We are living in a day that much of this kind of thing is happening before our very eyes.  In the last verse there is a person called the man of the earth.  All that he has is right here.  No god, no hope of heaven.  It may be the reason why he wants to throw his power around and oppress who he wants to in order to get ahead.  Our hope is in God.  Because of Jesus Christ, we may be in Heaven even today.  That is what the godly man lives for no matter how poor or rich he is.  Is this your outlook? 

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