This part of Psalm 102 seems to be all future, a time beyond our time.  Our verses begin with the LORD building up Zion and appearing in His glory.  First of all He listens to the prayer of the destitute.  Notice they are well aware of their condition and need.  In verse 18 these words were for a people who were yet to be born.  With that I will say this, when this psalm was written millions have been born and now are gone.  Some to Heaven and others now somewhere else.  What is my status in all this? I have taken the responsibility to warn every person I can that there is a good place and a bad place.  It is you choice.
I want to make one more point.  The writer didn’t want to die in a young age, but the next verse said he recognized God as Sovereign and He can do as He wills.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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