In verse 14 and as I look at creation there is some kind of purpose for everything in this world. We have grass for the cattle and vegetation for food for man.
Then there is wine to make glad the heart of man. Never mind whether it is fermented or not.  Men who preach love disagreed on that for years.  In days gone by there was use for modest use of fermented wine. Also olive oil to make men's faces shine.
Notice how many times God's name is used.  For instance the trees of the LORD full of sap. He planted them to be used according to their needs. The high hills for goats and cliffs for the rock badgers.
An interesting term of the appointment of the moon for season and darkness for night.  Sun rising brings day animals out and man to go forth to work and labor until evening.
​I have tried to observe the perfection of all this.  I then really think of the smallness of it all.  I then have to thing, "Who really am I?"
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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