There are a lot of verses in this section so my plan is to stick to high points.  The whole Psalm seems to be the sordid history of Israel God’s covenant people.  We are first told about what is called the waters of strife.  It is when Moses struck the rock and God was displeased when he was only to speak to the rock.  There it is said that he spoke rashly with his lips.  It was the sin that kept him out of the Promise Land. We must be careful about responding to the anger of the people with our own rash anger.  We find Israel mingling with the idols even to sacrificing their own children to the idols of the people around them.
When God’s anger was kindled and it says He than the Psalmist said God remembered His covenant.  God remembers when it comes to His beloved people.  However it is best if we don’t try Him like Israel did.
The Psalm ends on a good note of praise.  After all the atrocities mentioned in the Psalm even though God can be displeased it is never a time when we can’t turn back to Him.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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