Psalm 106 is what is called book 4 of the Psalms.  I have no idea how the books were set up and who did it.  I don’t claim to be a biblical scholar.  I only have 12 grades of education.
The Psalm begins with a call to praise the LORD.  Block capitals meaning or English name Jehovah.  Next it says, “He is good and His mercy endures forever.“ I like the next verse, “Who can utter the mighty works of the LORD.” I feel so ignorant but there are things I can know so I won’t claim complete ignorance.
Then there is confession of sin as a nation.  Can I confess sins of my nation?  I don’t have to look back at ancient Israel.  We have plenty of sin right here at home and sometimes right here in our Church.
I want to emphasize the last verse of our reading today.  He gave them their request but sent leanness into their souls.  Is it always good to get what we want?  Leanness in our souls is what we should not want.  If I learn this lesson I have learned well, if not shame on me.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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