Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Here in Psalm 119, the Word of God is used in many facets. First, in verse 33 it is statutes.  That is what is put down as truth.  This man wants to be taught them so he may please God in a more perfect way.
When we think of understanding to keep god’s law, I don’t think God’s law is so complicated.  I memorized the Ten Commandments .  The will to keep God’s law could be harder.  This man wants to put his whole heart into it.
Next is the word, commandments.  What does god want of me?  Than we have the word, testimonies.  God wants us to know what He is like.  So He gives us His testimony.
I must go on quickly to the rest.  Next, is God’s way.  My way should be the same.  We have God’s Word.  This small book tells me.
 We have two more, judgements and precepts.  I think this is how God judges and precepts is how God’s actions affect us.
Written by Curt Darling

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