Friday, October 19, 2018        

We have the word, hope.  This man bases his hope on the Word of God, as I also do.  Comfort is in the next verse, as God’s Word gives him life in affliction.  He does not turn aside from the law of God.
This is an interesting thought that this man was comforted in the Judgements of God.  He had great indignation because the wicked were forsaking the law of god.  What a difference of attitude in our world today.  We have a “live and let live” attitude among most people.
This man called himself a pilgrim which means eventually he will be in his rightful home. Where am I?  Is this my home? Phillipians letter says we are citizens of Heaven.  I am not living for this world anymore. Take me home when you wish, Lord.
I really like the attitude of this man.  I already said that I want that for myself.
Written by Curt Darling

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