As we look at these verses, I see some interesting expressions like the soul fainting for the salvation of God.  There seems to be a lack of things like that in Christianity today.  Then searching for the Word of God so much that the eyes fail.  Here I imagine in a tent that is smoky and the goatskin full of wine and the fire filling up the room with smoke blackening the wine skin.  All of these are expressions that should mean something to us even in modern day Christianity. Now in verse 84 there is a thought that the one who wrote the psalm had people who persecuted him.  He talks of digging pits for him.  He then calls out “help me” farther down in verse 86, but he ends up with asking to be revived in verse 88.
I want to say something to end this blog.  How thankful I am that in modern day America most of us Christians have freedom.  How do we use it?  Hopefully to win others to Christ.  To comfort those who are hurting. In many parts of the world this freedom is not given to Christians.

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