This Psalm begins with fearing God and walking in His ways.  The New Testament equivalent is following the steps of Jesus who is God manifested in the flesh.  This isn't always popular in our world even in the U.S. which was supposedly founded on Christian principles.  There was a time before I accepted Christ at the age of twenty-one that I didn't walk in His ways either.  thankfully that was fifty-eight years ago and now I have the reality that at the age of seventy-nine, I am closer to Heaven than ever before.

I value my wife of fifty-fours years that has kept the home well and adds much to my being able to serve God as I do.  Although my two sons have strayed, yet now they are attending church regularly as well as my daughter and one needs to get a little closer to the Lord.  This is not boasting as I haven't done as well as I should have.

We have the term:  The LORD shall bless thee out of Zion.  We must remember that we Gentile Christians come under the umbrella of Israel's God, but the blessing is fully ours when we walk in His ways. 

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