Praise is comely for the upright.  Do you think if I was in the habit of walking in sin I would be praising God?  The musical instruments and a new song to me speaks of a person whose heart has been not only touched but changed.  That is like our New Testament word repentance, or a changed mind.  We must cling to the Word of the LORD for it is right, and His works done in truth.  Remember Christ is the Word (John 1:1-3) and Truth (John 14:6). There is a characteristic of God in verse five that tells us that He love righteousness.  If I have evil ways, He can't love that.  Then it would be judgment. 

Next we have creation (plural tense) of both the heavens and seas. Again in John chapter one, All things were made by Him (the Word) and nothing made without Him.  Tell that to someone who won't admit that He is God.  Then He spoke and it was done.  The very One who took my place in death on the cruel cross of Calvary.   Now the last verse of today says:  "He spoke and it was done."  That is the six days of creation.  Only a very powerful God could put something together that soon.  He is a powerful God, and I am glad that I am His

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