We have a statement in verse 59 that God was furious.  I wonder what now that I am part of the people of God that would make God so angry.  Also what is happening in the church in this day and age?  Do you think He is holding off His anger today?  Even in America today when we look at how it was founded and where we are today.  When I think of songs like “America the Beautiful” and see where we are today, I wonder does anyone really care.
In verse 61 Israel is known as God’s strength.  As that anything they wanted to do that was in His will through Him they could do it.  The problem was they didn’t always want what was right.
I find in verse 65 that God awoke.  By the way He never was asleep.  The whole Psalm is pleasantly sarcastic because it is a song.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 

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