This is what I would label a mournful Psalm.  In verse 14 we have the word “why” twice. Why do you cast off my soul?  Why do you hide your face from me? It is labeled a Psalm for the sons of Korah.  I don’t want to elaborate on that.  I think I will label this for someone going through many trials.
In my sixty years of ministry my chief thing was to help hurting people.  I want to tell you about Mrs. Warnes. When we were inviting people to an event we were having in my time in England, what we did was a gospel team effort.  When we saw her our hearts went out to her. She only had one eye that worked.   She lived in one room in a building owned by a man who owned a big mansion.  We went to him to ask if we could install a door with a window in it.  We hired a man to install that new door.  It doubled the light in the room. When she heard the gospel she said it was like clouds rolled away and the light of Christ shown in.  When I took Barbara my wife to be, she gave us a dish for a wedding present which we have to this day.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling 

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