First of all the LORD is clothed with majesty.  Also He is clothed with strength. We have the world established so that it cannot be moved.  I wonder about that statement but it is in the word of God.  Then we have the establishment of His throne from everlasting.  God’s voice is like the noise of many waters.  Then we have the phrase, “holiness adorns your house O LORD forever.”
This Psalm is very sweet and factual but I am taken up with the phrase, “holiness adorns God’s house”. When this was written God’s house was stones.  We know later this house was torn down and now His house is made up of people as living stones and our bodies the temple and Christ as living stones making up the temple.  Are the things we do the adornment of the temple? I am sure there could be more adornment in the temple.  I must ask myself could I do more for the adornment of the temple of God.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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