Jesus comes to this beloved church with the title, “He who is holy and He who is true” is an interesting title for this church.  Another thing is He has the key of David.  All that the Holy Spirit said through David was fulfilled through Jesus.  I have an allegorical thought like this about entering through the door of the sheepfold and being the Shepherd of the sheep.
Another thing we see is Jesus saying, “I have set before you an open door.” If I was relating the prophetic history of the seven churches I would say this began an era of Christian missionaries going all over the world.  It was also an era of the Word of God and Jesus name in the forefront.  There were only two of the seven churches Jesus didn’t scold. Smyrna persecuted by payer and Romans and Philadelphia the time of missionary movements.  They are to be kept from the hour of trial which to my thought is the great tribulation by the so called rapture.  The last one is the ear to hear what the Spirit said to the churches.
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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