Josiah was one of the few godly kings in Judah.  His testimony is one of revival and demonstrates how we can experience revival in our lives.

1.  Repentance - "began to seek after the God of his father David" - 2 Chronicles 34:3
2.  Removal  - removal of idols - 2 Kings 21:4-7
3.  Repair - repair of temple or reconciliation in relationship - 2 Kings 22:3-6
4.  Return - return to living by faith in obedience to God's Word - 2 Kings 22:8; 23:1-3

We can also experience revival if we are willing to follow these same steps.  We must have a new hunger to love God and desire to please Him above all other.  We must evaluate our hearts and remove any competing affections with Christ.  We must confess our sins of commission and omission and have a clear conscience with God and men.  We must return to meditation and obedience to God's Word!

Walk with the Lord and experience revival!!!

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