These verses are beyond Satan's encounter with God in which Job's name was brought up.  Two things I notice is that Satan accuses God of having a hedge (fence) around Job.  This means that God fences in His own and no one touches them unless for God's reason it can be taken away. God does allow Satan to take away this hedge but He doesn't allow Satan to touch him.  I get comfort in the thought of a hedge around me and hope it is never removed.  However for Job God did allow it to be taken away and the rest of the chapter is devastating.  Job's children are gone and all his livestock leaving Job to go from a rich man to almost nothing. 
​Job's response to me is enlightening.  I don't know again how I would respond.  Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked shall I return.  The LORD gave and He has taken away.  He then worships.  The Bible than adds that he did not sin nor charge God.  Would this be my response?
​Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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