This psalm begins with the phrase give thanks.  I do believe we are too passive about that. Then we are to make known His deeds.  What do we know about what God has done? Are we willing to share about our own experiences with Him?
We have the word seek in the passage, “seek His strength and seek His face.” And this is interesting since God is invisible. Yet because of my walk with Him my imagination pictures Him with a pleasant face.
The psalmist wants people to remember God’s covenant with Abraham, then confirmed to Isaac and then to Jacob.  He didn’t permit any of the nations to do them wrong.  It says He rebuked kings for their sakes.
I wonder exactly what I am to conclude from these. I because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ am loved as much as they are, but do I love others as much as God loves me?
Written by Pastor Curt Darling

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