In this chapter Paul discusses our relationship to the law.

1.  The Law is forever - we must die to it in order to be married to another - to the Spirit.
2.  The Law is revealing - the law cannot make us righteous it only reveals that we are unrighteous.
3.  The Law is holy - we are the ones who must change, we are unholy.

A right relationship to the law is one that sees the law as a right, unwavering standard that must be met for salvation.  But this standard can only be met through the righteousness of Christ.  I must die to self - admit that I do not and cannot measure up on my own.  I must confess (agree) that only Christ measures up and receive His righteousness by faith.  The same is true in sanctification.  Righteous living is produced by dying to self righteousness and yielding to the Spirit of Christ to produce righteous living (fruit) in me.

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