As we read about Cornelius we see the process of God drawing people to Himself for salvation.

1.  Personal preparation - "certain man" - God wants all humanity to be saved but He works in each life individually.  He is a personal God who desires personal relationship.

2.  Progressive preparation - As Cornelius responded to the grace given to him, he was given more grace.

3.  Partnership preparation - God used a variety of ways to work in the life of Cornelius.

The promise of John 4 is that the fields are "white unto harvest".  God is at work every day preparing people (ripening hearts) to hear and receive the Gospel.  Be alert to this process!  Be active in this process!  Pray for the lost!  Live as a light!  Share a witness!  Be ready to draw the net!

Walk with the Lord and understand God's ripening process!!!

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