The friends that we choose have a huge influence on our life.  God's Word says that we have a choice to walk with wise friends or with foolish friends.

1.  The Path - wise or foolish - Wisdom is the acknowledging of God's presence and the applying of God's principles in life.  Foolishness is to ignore God and His Word. 
2.  The Practice - walk - To walk indicates closeness.  Certainly we should be friendly with lost people in order to win them to Christ, but our close friendships should be with the godly.  To walk also indicates continuous action.  Most of our time should be purposefully pursuing the right friends.
3.  The Product - wisdom or destruction - The path of wisdom leads to more wisdom.  The wise have a greater understanding of God and His ways of life.  The foolish turn from God and go further and further into destruction.

Walk with 

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