Jude writes encouraging us to "earnestly contend for the faith".  The motivation behind this is three-fold:

1.  The Security of salvation for those who are saved

2.  The Surety of judgment for those who reject and oppose God's truth

3.  The Opportunity of the gospel for those who are lost

In this section the emphasis is on the security of those who are saved. 

1.  A New Position - "sanctified" - We are set apart as belonging to God

2.  A New Preservation - "preserved in Christ Jesus" - In Christ we are completely secure

3.  A New Perspective - "called" - Romans 8:28

My position is secure in relationship as a child of God. Birth establishes a relationship that can never be broken.  I am in Christ and my eternal life is as sure as Christ is alive.  I am secure in all circumstances because God has promised to work "all things" together for good.

Walk with the Lord and be secure in Jesus!!!

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